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HUMANWRITES.COM seeks to provide a forum for children globally to shine a light on the world they see and give voice to the changes they seek that will insure them a future filled with promise.  The concept of the site is to pose simple thought-provoking questions that speak to topics within the grasp of children in this age range that would yield their pure, unvarnished and unencumbered thoughts on life, love, and the world around them while they still view the world about themselves with the innocence of their youth and the pure honesty that comes from their seeing the world in its simplest state; namely, right or wrong, good or bad, happy or sad, and the like.  It is not until much later that the variant shades of grays enter into their world to confuse their judgment and impact their values.    

What we hope to achieve is to FIRST determine that schools, teachers, and parents will see both the innocent and educational intentions of our asking these questions of their children and then, SECONDLY, to create a buy-in by teachers that would have them pass on the concept of Humanwrites.com via email with teachers they know in other cities, states, and countries to allow us to build a sizeable database of 5th-8thth-8th  grade teachers around the world that are willing to have their students respond to the questions on the site and then to share their students’ thoughts with other 5 grade classes.

The end result we are seeking is to have the site serve as a vehicle for developing an international PENPAL network between classes of the same age group from city-to-city and, ultimately, from one country to another rather than on an individual basis.

Our first effort will be to broadcast an email introduction to the site with an announcement to a randomly selected group of 5th-8th grade teachers in public/private schools in a number of schools around the country.  We will then ask these teachers to forward on this announcement to as many teachers as they can who teach in these same grades in their city, other cities, states, and/or countries and then to ask those teachers to do the same.  The idea is to have the site spread by word-of-mouth as quickly as possible.  It all begins and ends with the teaching communities interest and willingness to participate in the process.

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